Evgeni Spasov Rusev - Organized Crime - Bulgaria
This page provides some insights on some organized crime members in Bulgaria.

Evgeni Roussev (Евгени Русев or sometimes spelt Egeni Rusev) was born on 20 January 1981 in Sofia. He is the son of Spas Roussev.

Spas Roussev is well known in Bulgaria for his stellar ascension from rags-to-riches. The visible side of his activities has been largely documented in the press and have appeared relatively clean in most cases. Spas Roussev has always been extremely careful at keeping a good public image, but the noose has been tightening in recent years. It’s not clear how much longer the Roussevs will be able to conceal the obvious. The name Spas Roussev is associated to crime and corruption on many publication including the official website of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) . Some of his ties with the mafia are also documented and on archives from a Sofia embassy on Wikileaks

It is no secret that the Roussevs are part of a ‘political mafia’ that engineered and facilitated many corrupt business deals. Former staff members working for Roussev have reported that his wealth was originally accumulated in the 1990s. An insider and corrupt deal at the time secured licenses for selling alcohol and cigarettes on the Danube duty-free zones. Reporters claim the majority of activities were illegal and included arms trade. These activities helped Roussev generate million of dollars in illegal cash that was eventually laundered and invested in art, in legitimate businesses and in lobbying activities.

Roussev is well connected to several high profile members of the Bulgarian mafia as can attest the “Yacht scandal” in early 2000s documented on occrp.org .

Milen Milchev, who was present with mafia members on the yacht rented by Spas Roussev in Monaco, is a former minister of Finance in Bulgaria and has been Roussev’s partner in crime for many years. Together they have engineered several corrupt schemes. The latest in date is the attempted acquisition of Vivacom which triggered a fraud accusation in the UK .

In 2012, Spas Roussev acquired the Radisson in Sofia with a loan from Unicredit bank reported by insiders to have been approved by bribing the bank’s credit committee. Evgeni Roussev was appointed as CEO of the hotel.

Unlike his father, Evgeni Roussev has not taken the same care of his public image. He has been convicted of multiple petty crimes such as drunk driving and drug consumptions in public. Locals have reported him being a conman involved in numerous fraudulent schemes and organized crimes.

Evgeni Roussev, Vrabcha 9, 1000 Sofia. Tel: +359 899555556.

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